Addison Ciszewski (Age 10)

Hope For Three is proud to announce our May Autism All-Star, 10-year-old Addison “Addi” Ciszewski! Addi was described as “vivacious” by the medical staff when she was born and has lived up to that adjective ever since! She shines brightest outdoors, surrounded by nature, her dog, bubbles, the pool, and hopefully some frogs! Addison loves all animals but seeks out frogs the most: catching them, feeding them, and “returning them to their families.” Since the beginning of her fourth-grade year, Addi has been going to “the gym” or Olympia Gymnastics and has excelled socially and physically. She recently moved up to the next class level and is very proud of doing so (as she should be).

Addison’s move up a gym level is not her only call to All-Stardom; her “smile and passion for life are infectious,” causing her to leave a strong impact on nearly everyone she meets. She always greets people by asking if they have a pet and always cares deeply about what others say. Especially when it comes to learning how and why things work, Addison craves to be independent and grown-up, so she tries to soak in everything. Recently, Addi was selected for membership in the Anne McCormick Sullivan Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society. She is very excited to represent her school as a fifth-grader in activities and service. Addie loves social skills class at school with Ms. Serle and tries hard to use those tools in her everyday life.

Addison was diagnosed with Epilepsy and a tumor on her brain at three and a half years old. Displaying her independence, Addison bravely walked into surgery on April 21, 2021, and has been seizure-free since the day before her lobectomy! The journey in understanding how Addison’s mind works began for the Ciszewski family five years ago. To help Addi communicate and manage everyday life, she has been involved in many OT, ABA, and Speech visits. The growth, love, bravery, and endurance has allowed Addison to be where she is today, an amazing, vibrant, and energetic Autism All-Star!