Anna Lozano

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our May Autism Superhero, Anna Lozano!

Anna is an extraordinary mother to her three-year-old son, Zayne Thomas. When asked to identify her superpower, Anna confidently acknowledges her unmatched resilience. This strength transforms her into nothing short of a superhero for her autistic son.

Anna recalls feeling prepared rather than surprised when Zayne’s autism diagnosis was confirmed. The diagnosis came when Zayne was just 18 months old. Throughout their journey with autism, Anna emphasizes the pivotal role their community has played. She discovered a supportive network within Purpose Church, mainly through their small group dedicated to families with special needs. This community has been instrumental in helping Anna embrace life on the spectrum, fostering connections with other families navigating similar paths.

Anna advocates for families to seek out communities and engage in hobbies that bring joy and fulfillment. Her interests include attending church services, volunteering with the youth ministry, enjoying outdoor trips to the park with Zayne, and relishing the vibrancy of live music. With her unwavering strength and community involvement, Anna is a beacon of hope and inspiration for many traveling on the same journey. Anna’s enlightening inspiration and support for her community make her a remarkable Autism Superhero! Congratulations.