Austyn Airhart

Meet Austyn Airhart, Hope For Three’s January Autism All-Star!

Austyn is a funny, joyful, and easygoing boy who likes to collect Sonic the Hedgehog plushies and action figures. Austyn was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age seven, and last summer, Austyn experienced a few severe seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Austyn, age 11, is an amazing little brother to Adin, 14, who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 4. The brothers enjoy playing Minecraft and Roblox together and with friends.

Austyn’s parents, Derrick and Lisa Airhart have been involved in ministry together for 15 years.
In April 2018, after serving 10 years in their previous church, Derrick and Lisa stepped out of their ministry roles and moved to Richmond to begin the process of planting Purpose Church.

Having children with autism has inspired Pastor Derrick to serve families with special needs. Purpose Church offers a fully inclusive children’s ministry and provides families with trained workers and volunteers.

Austyn loves to draw and give his pictures to people; he likes to talk to people but first needs to get to know them. Austyn and Adin can communicate and now are working on properly controlling their emotions.

Despite the setbacks he has had this past year, Austyn keeps on smiling. His positive and joyful spirit are what make Austyn an Autism All-Star!