Andy Padilla

Meet Andy Padilla, Hope For Three’s April Autism All-Star!

Andy was officially diagnosed with autism at five years old, but his parents, Ino and Mayra, started noticing Andy had delayed motor skills and speech when he was five months old.  

Andy has been a trooper with all the evaluations that started when he was just 18 months when his pediatrician noticed Andy’s development was delayed. Since his diagnosis, Andy has been working hard and becoming successful in his ongoing Speech, Occupational, and ABA therapies. At age four, he started saying “mom” and “dad,” a milestone his parents remember with great joy.  

Andy loves animals, balls, Super Mario from the 90s, and the pool. He enjoys going to the trampoline park when it is not full of people and loves going to the Zoo; his favorite animal is the elephant. Andy also enjoys playing with his little brother, Ricky, and watching Disney movies.  

Andy is sweet and loveable, but he loves his personal space. He does not like hugs that he does not request, but hugs from Mom and Dad are never a problem! At age six, Andy is an early bird who attends Arizona Fleming Elementary; he is always up by 7:00 a.m., no matter the day of the week. He loves numbers and letters and can say the alphabet backward without pausing!

Andy’s favorite day of the week is Friday when his dad takes him to the gas station to pick out whatever he wants. Andy’s joyful personality and hard work make Andy our awesome April Autism All-Star! 





“Do you know a child diagnosed with autism that has grown in a meaningful way or gone above the stigma society has placed upon them, some may call them an All-Star? Hope