Bailee Coward

Hope For Three is proud to spotlight our January Autism All-Star, Bailee Coward! 


Bailee, a dynamic and effervescent 16-year-old, radiates a zest for life that is utterly captivating. With a natural inclination towards music, she deftly maneuvers through melodies on various instruments, finds joy in the rhythm of dance, and expresses her unique personality through her imaginative fashion sense. One of her favorite things that she enjoys doing is hosting tea parties.


At such a young age, Bailee’s extraordinary talents and innovative spirit are as evident as her seamless fluency with technology. Flawlessly navigating through the digital world with her computer, iPad, and phone, Bailee embodies her love for technology. Her enthusiasm for multimedia creation shines through in the charming videos she crafts and the documentation of her life’s moments.

Remarkably, Bailee has sharpened her musical abilities without being taught by a professional, relying solely on her exceptional auditory talent. This self-directed learning, spurred by the mere sound of music, underscores her creative talent.

Diagnosed with autism at the age of three, Bailee’s journey has been met with challenges, yet it has been adorned with blessings, not only for her but also for those who cherish and love her. Her radiant smile is contagious, an outward manifestation of her generous, warm-hearted self. Always open to gain more knowledge and a perpetual readiness to explore new domains, whether it’s mastering a new instrument or diving into the digital world. Her vibrant aura, kindness, and relentless pursuit of new experiences illuminate her path and inspire those around her. This is what makes Bailee an Autism All-Star!!