Brooke Alam

We are excited to announce our December Autism Superhero, Brooke Alam! Brooke’s superpower can be described as putting the unseen, precious moments, into something visible and beautiful. Brooke specializes in making custom sound wave art, which has taken off as an art company called Rindle Waves. Brooke captures special moments: baby’s first heartbeat, wedding vows, even a loved one’s voice message. There is no limitation on this type of art, it is unique and special to everyone. Perfect gift idea for any loved one for this holiday season.


Brooke creating art to see the unseen is not her only superpower, but she is also a wonderful mother to two boys on the spectrum, with their own superpowers. She hopes the boys continue their growth, and she gives her love and support in every way to ensure they thrive living with autism.

If you are curious about Rindle Waves or need a unique gift idea for any reason, or season, or for yourself, visit and learn more here: www.rindlewaves.com