Conner Garczynski

Hope For Three’s December Autism All-star is truly a gift to all that know him, meet Conner Garczynski. Conner is a multi-talented 16-year-old who loves cooking, playing on the computer, creating videos for his YouTube channel, interacting with is YouTube fans and followers, and doing random acts of kindness for those he knows and loves.

Conner lives in Sugar Land, Texas with his mom, Susan, younger brother Hunter, and his two dogs Jingles and Bella. He helps take care of Jingles and Bella by feeding, watering, and walking them each day. Conner is characterized by those that know him as being smart, witty, happy, kind, family-oriented, and very friendly. He and his brother Hunter enjoy spending time together cooking, playing games, and going biking.

Diagnosed on the spectrum at 2 years old, Conner has spent his life working extremely hard with a multitude of doctors, teachers, social workers, family, friends, and very special Speech, Occupational, and Applied Behavior Analysis therapists. He has also been actively involved in every extracurricular activity available to him including but not limited to baseball, basketball, swimming, horseback riding, surfing, theater, and more.

Conner loves school and is currently an 11th grader at Austin high school. His favorite classes are Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC), Art, and Theatre. His favorite part of JROTC is saluting and marching with his classmates. He enjoys art and loves to draw cartoon characters. He put this talent to use recently decorating 70 lunch bags and donating them to Lunches of Love. Conner is also passionate about theatre and blending imaginary and real characters to write scripts. He is currently writing a script for a movie that he hopes to publish one day with 20th Century Fox called “The Garczynski Movie.” It is about his family and their close family friends who vacation and spend time together.

Conner loves computer time and has his own YouTube Channel called “Nick Network Returns” where he gives reviews of television shows, posts videos that he has created, and has over 3,000 followers. He enjoys watching YouTube videos of shows like the Simpsons, South Park, and Sponge Bob. He also enjoys watching music videos from some of his favorite artists such as Tupac, Notorious Big, XXXtentacion, Etta James, and Celine Dion.

He also LOVES to cook and is quite the chef. He hosts and cooks for his very own show “Cooking with Conner” which airs on his and his Mom’s FB Pages. He is fond of cooking for others and likes decorating goodies bags and filling them with cookies he has baked as gifts for friends and family. His favorite thing to make is a sandwich with pepperoni, cheese, salami, cayenne pepper, and Italian seasoning. Conner’s dream is to be on the TV Show “Master Chef” one day.

Conner is a dedicated and hard worker who is always willing to try new things and learn from his mistakes. He is a total joy to be around as he is always smiling and happy with a wonderful sense of humor. He is multi-talented and uses his gifts to leave a positive impact on all that meet him, this is what makes Conner an Autism All-star!!