Cookie Joe

Hope For Three is proud to announce our May Autism Superhero, Cookie Joe! Cookie is a longtime friend and motivator for Hope For Three and our community. Cookie took her passion for dance and helping others to a whole new level when she opened Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School 40 years ago: bringing passion, love, and confidence to children who have exceptionalities. When asked about her superpower, Cookie stated that she could identify the superpower in all the children she teaches, regardless of their IQ, physical state, communication, or ability. She believes in meeting her kids where they are TODAY; having no expectations and understanding potential limitations; victories of all sizes are still victories!

Cookie recently plié’d into her final round of chemotherapy! Since doing so, she has taken many insights from her battle: and that is the “need to need.” When Cookie first realized she could not do everything herself, she needed to accept that she required others’ help. That realization has shown there is a grace in needing and a natural beauty to what Cookie Joe does for her kiddos: what does everyone need to help them succeed?