Ellie Schmidt

Hope For Three is excited to introduce the first child living with autism to finish their puzzle in the Felicia Smith Jigsaw Puzzle 2022 Competition, Ellie Schmidt!

Ellie is ten years old and in the fourth grade at Pecan Grove Elementary! Ellis loves reading, Legos, drawing, Barbies, Singing, and swimming! Swimming is a new hobby and one she has worked at the hardest. Ellie’s father, Michael, recalls always seeing Ellie smile extra big and flapping her hands when she accomplishes a big goal! Ellie has a huge heart and loves spending time with others and assisting others, but also enjoys alone time like most of us do! Ellie has always excelled in math and science and pays attention to detail, remembering nearly everything! This superpower of her memory serves her well in her favorite family game, “Guess the Movie”!

Ellie’s autism has not hindered her love and adoration for others, nor does it typically for individuals on the spectrum. Ellie received her diagnosis at three and a half years of age, and her parents allowed her to follow her interests, passions, and desire for people. Ellie loves to be around people and understands she has autism, attending many autism events and charity events! This young lady’s outstanding traits are what makes Ellie Hope For Three’s March Autism All-Star.