Giancarlo Perez

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our June Autism All-Star, Giancarlo Perez!

Giancarlo is a 17-year-old student at True Knight Academy, and his kind and caring nature complements his radiant smile, which can brighten anyone’s day. Giancarlo loves going on walks, listening to music, dancing, and visiting theme parks.

Giancarlo’s exceptional strengths have earned him the title of June Autism All-Star. His outstanding traits include organization and persistence. Madeline, his mother, and a celebrated June Autism Superhero, praises Giancarlo for his discipline in every task he undertakes. He takes pleasure in assisting with household chores and showcasing his helpful spirit.

Giancarlo’s recognition as an Autism All-Star extends beyond his many strengths and traits – his genuine affection for others and his significant improvements in social skills are equally commendable. Diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Giancarlo has made remarkable progress over the years. He now adapts to situations and expresses love towards others. Hope For Three celebrates Giancarlo’s achievements and eagerly anticipates his future accomplishments. Congratulations, Giancarlo, keep pushing forward with that beautiful smile, stride, and spirit!