Hit a Grand Slam by Supporting a Family at
“Strike Out” Autism

Having a child with autism, and without, can bring unique challenges. A parent attending “Strike Out” said, “…One of the most difficult and challenging things about having a child on the spectrum is siblings. The disconnect that happens between them, the potential for resentment because I have to leave places every time their sister has a meltdown. They know no other life than this. And my typical kids are Troopers, they’re great, they accept it, they don’t say anything negative. But you give them this chance to do something together and that it’s okay for all of them to be who they are and have fun together. I cannot tell you what a precious gift that is. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

“Strike Out” Autism is a family fun day held on April 29th at Constellation Field. Hope For Three budgets for 100 families to participate in this event, totaling 400 people. Every family’s story is unique, but each have at least one child affected by autism.

Recently, we reached capacity, within our budget, to bring families together at this year’s “Strike Out” Autism event. However, we still have about 12 families on a wait list. We are asking friends and neighbors to support the promise of hope and sponsor a family for $150 to attend “Strike Out.” The bases are loaded, will you step up to the plate and hit a “Grand Slam” for local families?

You can sponsor a family by visiting our DONATION PAGE or print a flyer HERE.

EDIT:  “Strike Out” was a huge success on April 29th!  All families on the wait list were taken off and allowed to attend!  Thanks to all the contributed to this effort!  See you at “Strike Out” 2019!