Guy Gathering Confirmation

Thank you for registering for the monthly Guy Gathering. It’s a time to chill, chat, relax, and make new friends. We will be in touch and forward a reminder close to event day. Should you have questions, or need additional information, please email Rowena Laine, rowena@hopeforthree.org

“… as an autism parent where you must decide how open you’re going to be about your family’s struggles and joys. It’s that whole internal dialogue that makes the choice of whether to get an autism awareness bumper sticker a full-on crisis … as men we are just about a generation or so into owning our own feelings and stuff. I get that we’re still figuring out that we’re allowed to go to therapy and have identity crises. So, there’s a reason we’re slow on figuring ourselves out. But as an autism dad, you’ve got to figure it out quickly. I’m not saying you need to suppress it; not at all. I’m saying you need to be better and faster at processing your own hang-ups, so you can get out of your kid’s way…” – Mathew Oakes, Blog, 808theadventures.wordpress.com

Billy Lynch, autism dad shared, “I’ve been “that” Dad; in denial, the why’s, the if’s, the unknown’s and now I see joy, hope, and enlightenment.” 

Guy Gathering sessions are graciously underwritten by PURPOSE CHURCH