Heather Hernandez Sedillo

When we asked Heather what her superpower was, she responded Therapeutic Horsemanship. For many, therapeutic horsemanship help with proprioception, sensory integration, communication, balance, attention, anxiety relief, and much more! Therapeutic Horsemanship has many similar beneficial qualities as dogs in Animal Assisted Therapy. Heather Hernandez is the Executive Director of Reining Strength, whose mission is to partner with horses to help people realize their potential through customized equine-assisted services. Reigning Strength serves many individuals on the autism spectrum, allowing each of them to find their inner All-Star!

“Reining Strength’s staff (both human and equine), and their dedicated volunteers, ensure that our clients experience a positive environment and sense of community by being a part of Reining Strength Family!” – Heather Hernandez, Feb 25, 2022

More about Reining Strength: https://www.reiningstrength.org/about-us
Reining Strength Volunteering: https://www.reiningstrength.org/get-involved