Holly Martinez

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our February Autism Superhero, Holly Martinez!

Holly is a Special Education teacher at Fort Bend ISD. Since the beginning of her career, Holly knew she wanted to work with students who exhibited behavioral and communication challenges. Holly believes in the power of teamwork and how important it is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the people around her; she enjoys bringing people together to make an impact in the lives of her students.

When Holly is not working, she enjoys time with her husband, Luis, and their three fur babies, Jelly, Pepper, and Katy. Her fourth fur baby, Butter, passed away in 2020 and was a unique addition to her life. He was a special boy whom Holly trained and certified as a therapy dog. Butter joined Holly’s classroom and worked with her students, and he made a massive difference in the lives of the students and fellow teachers.



Holly’s superpower is being a Super-Grouper, Mind-Grower. She says, “When I see growth in my team, I know we will see growth in our students. Increasing knowledge and building solid teams promote solutions.” Because it takes a village to succeed, Holly works hard at creating meaningful relationships because she believes this is critical for families, students, and teachers to succeed.

Holly is always looking at finding solutions, building strong teams, and continuing to grow as an educator who brings a positive impact to the students and members of her community. “I am truly blessed and thankful for the path my life has brought me, and I hope to continue working with our students and families for many years to come.”