Hope For Three Honoring Fathers of Children with Autism With Facebook Campaign over Father’s Day Weekend

Hope For Three Autism Advocates will honor phenomenal fathers over Father’s Day weekend, June 16th & 17th, by posting inspirational stories, quotes, and pictures of Fort Bend fathers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

“Guy is a loving father and has been there for everything” says Dana Walker.  The Walker’s have two children, one of which has ASD.  All parents spend their time working on behalf of their children.  Weather it is doctor’s appointments or teacher conferences, a parent’s job is tireless.  When one or more of those children have ASD, parents must work especially hard to be sure their needs are being met in school, working with occupational therapists and doctors, and be sure their neuro-typical children are not left out.  “Guy is an amazing advocate and feels that having a child with autism has made him more humble and sensitive to other’s needs.  He would not have his life any other way.”  Help honor fathers and join Hope For Three on Facebook.com/HopeForThree.

Hope For Three provides help and hope for families by hosting educational programs, respite for parents and siblings, and tons of free resources.  For more information, or ways to help, please call 281-245-0640 or visit HopeForThree.org.