Jesús Rojas Petit

Meet Jesús Rojas Petit, Hope For Three’s June Autism All-Star!  

Jesús is a very happy and energetic boy who loves music, singing, and dancing. He was diagnosed with autism when he was two and a half years old. Now, at 8, he attends elementary school, loves numbers and math, and enjoys learning new things so much that he wants to be a teacher when he grows up. 

His mom, Yomayra, is very proud of Jesús’ extraordinary abilities and how affectionate he is. He enjoys hugs, likes to be pampered, and receive encouragement. Mom’s favorite memory is, “without a doubt, his first words. Jesús began speaking when he was over three years old, and when heJesus Rojas Petit with his hands in the air and in front a window started talking, it was a great blessing for us as parents.” 

Among his favorite things are elephants, Super Mario Bros., playing baseball, going to the beach, hugs, and the color red.    

Yomayra shares, “Jesús is an example that children with this condition are much more than that. Autism is not a handicap; it is an extraordinary ability.” 

Jesus Rojas Petit smiling with a red hat and outfit Infront of stuffed animals With a smile that brightens up a room, Jesús’ kind and caring nature, along with his love for learning, are what make Jesús an Autism All-Star. Congratulations! 



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