Jigsaw competition winners

300-piece puzzle

1st place:

Team Jackson Time:  29 Minutes 43 seconds

2nd place:

Team Fab Four Time:  49 Minutes 22 seconds

3rd place :

Team Puzzle Pose Time:   1hr 7 minutes 23 seconds

500-piece puzzle

1st place:

Team Missing Piece Time: 45 minutes and 27 seconds

2nd place:

Team Separation Anxiety: Time: 45 minutes and 45 seconds

3rd place:

Team Puzzle Buddies Time: 48 minutes and 48 seconds

1,000-piece – Bravest of them all!

1st place:

Team The Missing Pieces Time: 1 hr 45 minutes

2nd place:

Team Puzzling Insanity Time: 1 hr 55 minutes and 38 seconds

3rd place:

Team The Wongderful Fit: Time: 228 Pieces left


Most Teams Present:

 Ben Jalomo (six teams registered, five teams played)

Farthest Traveled:   

Alexandria, Louisiana: Not Fast Just Furious!