Jinnette Smith-Jackson

Hope For Three is proud to spotlight our March Autism Superhero, Jinnette Smith-Jackson.

 Jinnette embodies resilience, openly embracing the challenges that come with parenting an autistic child. Her steadfast determination not only sustains her family but also elevates her to superhero status in their eyes.

 The moment Jinnette and her husband received Peyton’s autism diagnosis was a pivotal one. While it brought a sense of relief—finally having clarity on the nuances affecting Peyton’s speech and social interactions—it also ushered in a period of overwhelming discovery. Through Hope For Three, Jinnette found solace and strength in realizing their family’s journey with autism was a shared experience, not a solitary one.

Beyond her role as a devoted mother, Jinnette is an entrepreneur, running a home-organizing business. Her engagement with the autism community ignited a passion to assist other families in a similar situation. She began tailoring her business to address the unique needs of families touched by autism, offering organization services aimed at simplifying their lives. Additionally, Jinnette is broadening her impact through blogging and the digital sharing of resources.Along with her husband, she has become a vital source of information and support for parents and caregivers. Jinnette modestly notes, “I’m not claiming to be an expert in these endeavors, but my aim is to forge strong bonds with other families, amassing a wealth of knowledge about special needs home organization to facilitate a more manageable home environment for everyone.”

Jinnette’s contributions to her family and the broader autism community demonstrate her superhero stature. She credits her husband’s unwavering support as instrumental in her ability to make a significant difference. Together, Jinnette and her husband are a formidable team, effecting positive change within the autism community.