Joseph “Jojo” Thomas

Meet the incredibly gifted Joseph “Jojo” Thomas, Hope For Three’s November Autism All-Star. Jojo is an 18-year-old entrepreneur who attends a local private school in Fort Bend County. When Joseph was born, he was diagnosed with a rare medical condition, Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome. Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome is a genetic disorder in which stature, specific facial features, and moderate intellectual disability are present. The rise in autism awareness provided the family with knowledge and understanding, and two and one-half years ago, Jojo was also diagnosed with autism. Jojo has faced many battles head-on, with love and smiles. Since he was young, Jojo has had many hospital stays and surgeries due to his conditions, causing him to develop anxieties about doctor visits. Luckily Jojo found comfort in holding April’s (his mother) hand, dramatically soothing his anxieties. However, Jojo has now overcome his fear and dread about visiting the doctor. Joseph walked into the doctor by himself at a recent visit, answering questions confidently, and followed directions without assistance!

Overcoming fears has not been Joseph’s only recent accomplishment! Jojo adopted the entrepreneurism of creative thinking with his own business, “Jojo’s Raceway!” Since opening his company in 2020, Jojo has displayed outstanding customer service skills and always makes sure he tells customers, “Happy Birthday!” His natural desire to bring smiles to other people, cheer them up and his love for Monster Trucks (GraveDigger in particular) led Jojo to open “Jojo’s Raceway.” Jojo’s Raceway is a party supply company that brings fun, smiles, laughter, and cheers using inflatable rides and bumper cars! Jojo overcomes his difficulties in communicating effectively by simply being his natural, caring self.
Jojo is an entrepreneur and hard worker with a strong desire to uplift people and bring a smile to everyone he meets. His immense caring spirit is what makes him our deserving November Autism All-Star.