Julie Coy

In honor of April Autism Awareness Month, Hope For Three is thrilled to announce our humble, yet powerful Autism SuperHero! Julie Coy has published a beautiful statement below, and kindly allowed Hope For Three to share her story and her powers!

“Raising my autistic son, Grant Maniér, for 26 years paved my life-path into the world of neurodiversity, disabilities, and chronic challenges. Being a part of his world opened doors into the lives of some of the most amazing people I ever met. I was allowed to experience their deepest emotional and physical challenges on a personal level. Over the years Grant and I made a difference in the special needs community. He is an award-winning artist, actor, philanthropist, illustrator, and special needs advocate. I wanted to share what I acquired in marketing and give back to others living with diversities. In 2018, Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe ~ Different is More, was created and inspired by my son, Grant Maniér. His real-life story is shared in this children’s book, but with a twist … he’s a giraffe! In 2019, the book was recognized by the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation and The Governor of Texas Disabilities Committee. The books also garnered attention for the use of an innovated dyslexia font. Next, by demand, GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe and Friends, a series of stories about animals struggling with a disability or a chronic challenge. Collaborating with friends, I merged their real-life stories into children’s books. I focused on their diversity and talents … along with their beaming personality. In addition, our Grant Gives Back program extends royalties as part of our employability mission. Readers of all ages relate to animals, especially children. The reader develops understanding, knowledge, and empathy towards each character’s diversity. Topics in the series are focused on dyslexia, childhood cancer, autism, amputation/limb deficiency and more. As each story unfolds, the reader is captivated by how each character is led by GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe to find mentors, support, and inclusion within their community. The books recognize the characters for their courage, determination, skills, and talent. Even the reader cheers-on the characters to be the best they can be! Best of all, the readers are in “awe,” and their hearts are touched when they realize the story of the main character is of a real person. Biography in book. Diversities impact our world. Children can be the change and encourage future generations to treat each other equally. GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe and Friends stories develop compassion, empathy, and knowledge in the reader. Each book instills a new perspective and an open mindset in all ages.”

Visit Grant and Julie’s Website: www.JigsawGrant.com