Kim Ashbrook

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our October Autism Superhero, Kim Ashbrook!

Kim is an admirable, caring, and strong mother of Alric and Lili, two beautiful children diagnosed with autism. She believes every mother has their unique superpower. Still, her superpower is taking care of her day-to-day tasks, homeschooling one of their children, and running her cottage bakery, Plum Krazy Creations!
As a child, Kim was fascinated by baking, but now she is a professional baker. After the birth of Alric, an eight-year-old boy, and the adoption of Lili, a five-year-old girl, Kim found it difficult to do what she enjoyed most: baking. Her children are very special, and she loves being a mom, but one day, she realized she needed to take care of herself and have self-care time. Kim decided to return to the kitchen and teach Lili how to bake and prepare food for the first time.
Initially, Kim baked for fun, for friends, neighbors, and family. But soon, she discovered it had become her passion to do what she most loved: baking. So, she began a home-based bakery from her very own kitchen! Kim shared, “As a stay-at-home mom with two children with autism, opening a home-based bakery made sense.” Even though she has baked for years, her home-based bakery became official in May 2020 as Plum Krazy Creations. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, she believed that her best shot was letting her bakery grow organically. COVID-19 did not stop her from chasing her dreams. Kim continued baking, and in October 2020, she was selling baked goods at markets, selling corporate and custom orders! The hobby she enjoyed as a child is now a successful cottage bakery.

Kim’s motivation, determination, and dedication to making her dream come true while raising two children with autism make her our Hope For Three’s October Autism Superhero!