Landon Bradley

Meet 14-year-old Landon Bradley, Hope For Three’s November Autism All-Star. Landon is very friendly and loves when people say “Hi” to him. He loves to play jokes on people, collect small objects, and go hiking. The beach is his favorite place to be.

Landon lives with his parents, Mike and Rachael, and his younger brother Emmett. Emmett is a remarkable sibling who is terrific at motivating Landon.

When he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Landon was three years old. His journey is fascinating, with therapies and supports to help him with struggles and challenges. Along the way, the family has found many incredible people and an accepting and supportive community at River Pointe Church in Richmond.

Landon enjoys the outdoors and is athletic. He can hike challenging trails and leave his family behind. He has also participated in Dream League, where he learned to play baseball. Landon and his family have traveled throughout Texas and visited Connecticut and California.

Landon’s family has traditions such as pizza and movie night every Friday, a camping trip for Landon’s birthday, and a Christmas trip to visit the grandparents in Corpus Christi; here, Landon can spend endless hours swimming and enjoying the beach.

Landon is a jokester. He plays jokes on family members and others and enjoys making people laugh. Graciously, Rachael shared her favorite memory, “One time, Landon wanted to play a joke on his dad, Mike, who is very shy and doesn’t like a lot of attention on him. He lay down on the floor and kissed the floor. This got the attention of people, who couldn’t help but giggle, making the family the center of attention.”

Landon loves scents, and with his mom’s help, they recently started a small home-based business called Sensory Scents. Landon oversees mixing the ingredients, adding the scents, and ensuring that the products blend well. He is very passionate about his products, and you can find their shop at  Facebook.com/llsensoryscents

Landon is kind, forgiving, and genuine. He is a fantastic Autism All-Star because he is quick to move past setbacks and enjoys every day no matter what it brings. Congratulations Landon!