Lester Rodriguez

Meet the adorable and tenacious Lester Rodriguez, Hope For Three’s August Autism All-Star. Five-year-old Lester is the youngest child from a small but tight-knit family who are dedicated to providing him with an abundance of unconditional love and support. He is extremely affectionate, loving, intelligent, and of course, super cute!

At 2 ½ years old, Lester was diagnosed by a development pediatrician with severe speech delay, and by age three, his diagnosis included Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When he was initially diagnosed his family was told the heartbreaking news he might never speak. Lester was determined to prove them wrong! He has worked diligently since then in Speech, Physical, Occupational, and ABA Therapies, Hippotherapy, and music therapy. Lester now not only speaks but loves to sing and dance, has a wonderful sense of humor, and a joyful personality. In addition to singing and dancing, he enjoys playing video games, riding his bike, and playing with friends. He searches for videos on YouTube that help him learn new things and how to complete different tasks on his video games. Lester is starting Kindergarten this year at Exley Elementary School.

Lester’s mom, Annie Rangel, confided that although she loves all of his achievements, her favorite is his ability to speak to her and share his thoughts, desires, needs, and feelings. He can communicate with others when he needs help, if he wants company, or wishes to be alone. She is also incredibly proud of Lester for working hard during quarantine to complete potty-training.

When you see Lester you don’t know he is an individual with disabilities but someone who has endless capabilities. He is a warrior who doesn’t give up and who has proven not only to himself but to others, he can accomplish great things. This is what makes Lester an Autism All-Star!!