Mandi Fought

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our March Autism Superhero, Mandi Fought!

Mandi was a Special Education teacher; after retiring from teaching, she worked at the Food Pantry at East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry, as a Manager. Mandi retired in December 2022 to help parents, grandparents, and students better understand autism.

After suffering two major strokes and four Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA), brief stroke-like attacks, Mandi has been a voice for stroke victims. She believes “that being informed helps with acceptance and adapting.” Mandi says, “Being different doesn’t make you less of a person; it gives insight and understanding that each person has a journey.”

Mandi’s journey is one of advocacy, spreading information so more people will understand and appreciate the gift(s) within their possession! Due to her life’s experiences, first, as the grandmother of Cameron, her high-functioning, verbal, eight-year-old autistic grandson, and as a stroke survivor, Mandi has learned she can help others by being kind and using her voice to advocate for those who cannot do it for themselves.

Mandi’s motto, “ACCEPT and ADAPT, if the change was easy, everyone would do it!” is an example of her love for life, despite her difficulties. Her joyful personality and passion for educating others make Mandi a true Autism Superhero!