Max Alexander

Meet Max Alexander, Hope For Three’s July Autism All-Star! 

At two and a half years old, Max was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and with ADHD shortly after. Now, at age 10, Max attends school and is an extremely happy boy with a wonderful sense of humor. 

Max likes to play with  Legos, trains, his Star Wars lightsaber, and Pete the Cat; he can also change his voice to mimic different accents, to the delight of his mom, Rachel, who shared her favorite memory of Max, “The first time Max spoke, he answered a question that I asked him. I felt so happy and proud of him!” 

Recently, Max went through a very traumatic experience; a dog attacked him, he had to have surgery on his arm, and was in a cast for a month. Due to infections post-surgery, Max had two additional surgeries. Through all this, his mom says “Max handled this like a rockstar, and even though he is frightened of any large dog he sees, he is doing great now! 

Max’s happy demeanor and his courage to get through tough times are what make him an Autism All-Star! Congratulations!