Mayra and Inocencio Padilla

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our June Autism Superheroes, Mayra and Ino Padilla!

Mayra and Ino own and operate Detail Cleaning Services which has been serving the Greater Houston metroplex with experienced and professional cleaning services since 2009. They are also involved in supporting organizations, including Hope For Three, as they work to provide the best life for their two autistic sons, Andy, age six, and Ricky, age four.

Mayra and Ino began their autism journey without knowing how to support their oldest son, who is now in first grade and receiving ongoing Speech, Occupational, and part-time ABA therapy. Mayra and Ino tell us, “His pediatrician referred us to ECI, and this is where it all started, but the search for doctors and therapy facilities was still a challenge since we had never been through a diagnosis of autism.”

Mayra and Ino made it their goal to educate themselves about autism, and when their youngest son, Ricky, was diagnosed with autism; they were better informed, and the journey was not as challenging as the first time with Andy.

Working full-time jobs and providing their sons with different therapies is challenging, but they are lucky to have a family that supports them and helps manage their everyday lives. Their journey has brought them to learn about different resources and tools available.

Mayra-and-Inocencio-Padilla-with children

Mayra and Ino state, “Acceptance and hope are their superpowers. Acceptance, because we have both accepted that our sons are on the autism spectrum and require assistance 24/7. We will do everything we can to make sure we take the boys on the path of having as much of a normal life as possible.”

They are hopeful “that one day there will be 100% acceptance of autism and neurological medical conditions in general, so that kindness can rule the world, and everyone will be accepted without judgment.”

Mayra and Ino’s love for their children and their ongoing support to learn and share their experience to help other families makes them true Autism Superheroes! Congratulations!

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