Meet Casey:

Hi, I’m writing in for my husband Casey. He is such an amazing hard working kind hearted father. We have 4 sons and twin daughters who passed away. Our 5 year old Eli has Cancer Pre B ALL Leukemia and our 9 year old Benjamin has Autism, we also have a typical 14 year old Dylan and a 1 year old Oliver. My husband’s love for baseball and his sons runs strong. Our life has continued to be a challenge and he is always there making our boys smile and feel special. He is constantly teaching the importance of kindness and how everyone is beautifully different in their own way. I’m always in awe of him and how our sons would never know his tiredness and exhaustion because even after working a 15 hour day he will come home and play for hours giving all of our sons the attention they need and then helping to put them to bed which is no easy task in our house. I am so grateful for him for showing our sons how to be wonderful people.

Thank you for all that you do at Hope For Three!

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