Meet Tom:

This man is an awesome, “ausome” dad! Because of this dads commitment to his son, he was able to attend Marshall University and earn his Bachelors Degree! (Biology- emphasis in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and minors in Chemistry and Geology). And, his son has been able to continue on and will be earning his Masters Degree in December 2018!

This dad has traveled to Huntington, WV once every month for the past 5 years to help maintain the family’s bond. (Mother and son maintain a residence in WV while dad continues to live in Sugar Land while continuing to work in Houston.) Besides flying in monthly, twice a year he flies to WV to drive his family back to Sugar Land for visits home. Then, when our time in Sugar Land is done, he drives us back to WV and flies back to Houston.

This past spring, he even used his vacation time to accompany our son to 4-day class in Billings, MT, so our son could learn fossil restoration.

This dad’s commitment to his son is unending. This dad is Tom McClung. ❤  Pictured L to R: Tom and Kyle McClung (26 years old)