Peyton Lee

Hope For Three is proud to spotlight our February Autism All- Star, Peyton Lee!

Peyton Lee is a bright and affectionate five-year-old who received an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis when he was three and a half years old. His main obstacles include developing receptive and expressive language skills and social capabilities.
As his parents navigated the autism journey, “We initially believed his developmental delays were due to him spending two crucial years in lockdown and practicing social distancing during the Covid pandemic. Nevertheless, the staff at his Mother’s Day Out program at Methodist Day School first voiced their concerns and advised an evaluation for speech therapy. They believed a formal diagnosis could enhance his ability to communicate and interact socially. Following their advice, Peyton was assessed and diagnosed by Fort Bend ISD, leading to his enrollment in the ESCE program at Lantern Lane under Ms. Oursler. He has been attending the Early Intervention Academy for nearly a year, first with Mrs. Campbell and now with Mrs. Ty O’Neil.”

Peyton cherishes his morning routine of sharing hugs, kisses, and tickles with his parents. He is passionate about playing with his alphabet set and forming words, evidencing his love for reading, and excels at completing Osmo tangrams on his iPad in remarkably short times. Peyton adores water – whether he calls it the “ocean,” referring to pools, lakes, or beaches – and relishes outdoor activities such as riding his motorbike, bouncing on his “jumpoline,” tending to his garden, or engaging in outdoor arts and crafts.

He displays extraordinary empathy, always eager to comfort upset peers by offering hugs or holding hands, assuring them he is there for them with a reassuring “I’m coming!” Despite being an only child, he naturally assumes the role of a protective elder sibling. His teachers often share amusing anecdotes of him attempting to assist his classmates, prompting gentle reminders of who the teacher is. Peyton’s charisma and humor are contagious; his laughter is a deep, heartwarming sound that brightens our days. He enjoys being tickled, often inching closer for more, even while asking us to stop.

Peyton’s life and achievements are a testament to the fact that autism is not a hindrance but merely a different perspective on the world. From a young age, he has used his unique outlook and abilities to positively impact those around him, making him a true Autism All-Star. His journey has taught us about resilience, love, and the diverse manners in which we perceive our environment. Peyton entered our lives and transformed them, bringing boundless joy and unforgettable experiences.

Peyton’s ability to engage in conversations, expressing his needs, wants, likes, and dislikes – marks significant progress. Although he continues to develop his language skills, his communication has vastly improved. A memorable milestone was his first day back from the Early Intervention Academy. Historically communicating through echolalia, Peyton surprised us by promptly answering, “Yes!” when asked if he enjoyed his day. This breakthrough was a clear indicator of his potential for growth and adaptation.

Early intervention has been pivotal for Peyton’s development, offering him the tools needed to navigate his world. We are immensely grateful for the early evaluation and the ongoing support he receives, which underscores the effectiveness of early intervention. Peyton’s journey is a powerful illustration of how understanding, patience, and education can make a significant difference in the lives of children with ASD.