Teen Huddle

The Teen Huddle, an auxiliary group of about 25 teen volunteers, serves the community with a mission, “To increase autism awareness and acceptance among teens.”

Our chair Chandler Young brings a wealth of excitement and experience to lead the Teen Huddle in another successful year.

Teen Huddle volunteers provide two bi-monthly programs and participate in events:

Caregivers Time Out – Parents and caregivers are provided three hours of respite to take a well-deserved break, a first “time out” for many, a rare occasion for most.

Sibling Sessions – Teen mentors partner with siblings of children with autism to develop friendships and encourage support among the siblings through various activities.

Hope For Three provides ALL kids a safe and welcoming environment to explore and experience fun times like every other child. For additional information, email contact@hopeforthree.org.

If you, or an interested teen, would like to serve in the Teen Huddle, make new friends, support families living with autism and give back to your community, please join us for a fun, rewarding experience!

Application for 2024-2025 Now Open! Click Here to Apply!

 (Applicants must be 15 years old by September 1st of the incoming year)