Ryan Riley

Hope For Three is proud to spotlight our February Autism All- Star, Ryan Riley!

Diagnosed with autism at the tender age of three, 11-year-old Ryan Riley is now a dynamic fifth grader at The Westview School. With a keen passion for math, his favorites shift as frequently as the weather in Houston. Ryan is notably intelligent, compassionate, and friendly. His attentiveness, coupled with his habit of doling out genuine compliments and a vibrant smile that illuminates any environment, sets him apart.

Ryan’s empathy extends to a pronounced concern for the wellbeing of those around him. Even in instances where he feels that he did something wrong, his apologies are heartfelt and abundant, showcasing his drive to rectify any situation. His interests are diverse, encompassing karate, basketball, swimming, and a fascination with cars and electronics, demonstrating his varied talents and preferences. Among his cherished eateries, Whataburger holds a special place in his heart.

Embarking on his karate journey at age five, Ryan successfully achieved his blue belt last year that proves his exceptional ability to absorb and apply instructions. This talent extends beyond martial arts; he possesses an uncanny ability for navigation, often remembering routes after a single journey. A favorite memory that his grandma Jackie has, is two years ago when he was honored with the first pitch and the role of game caller at a Houston Astros game. This unforgettable experience included meetings with Astros’ manager Dusty Baker and the legendary Reggie Jackson, followed by enjoying the game with his favorite treats, popcorn, and cotton candy. This day remains etched in Ryan’s and grandma’s memory, often inquiring about his next opportunity to grace the Astros’ game with his presence.

Ryan is an extraordinary young individual who embodies kindness and care in abundance. With each day, he exemplifies the essence of a remarkable person, both internally and externally. It is these qualities, among numerous others, that make Ryan Riley a true Autism All-Star.