Santiago Montoya

Please meet the curious, smart, funny, and entertaining Santiago Montoya, an energetic two-year-old boy who is loving, supported, and a perfect example of how early interventions can be essential for growth and further development after an autism diagnosis.

Diagnosed at one year and 11 months, Santiago is a sweet boy, who loves horses, playing outside, and is always ready to greet others with a big hug and or kiss. His desire to connect with others is encouraged at Fast Track ABA Center where he currently “goes to school.” Since Santiago is so young, his early interventions are his schooling, where he works above and beyond and receives a tremendous amount of support. “It seems like with each month that goes by receiving early intervention therapies, his speech continues to enhance and improve along with his social abilities,” said Nelda, Santiago’s Mom. “On par with his enhancement in speech, his latest improvement is to mimic almost anything on the first try. The beauty of this strength will increase social learning to advance and enhance more skills for future use,” continued Nelda.

His adoring mother recalls how beautiful it is to watch him continue to “learn and grow.” “Santiago’s relentlessness and hard work will get him wherever he wants to be in life, and then some.” His rapid learning, continued growth, and blossoming through early intervention is only part of what makes him an All-Star. His big-little heart and his grit to push forward, being the social butterfly he is, is what makes Santiago Hope For Three’s December All-Star!