Shane Shaw

Meet Shane Shaw, Hope For Three’s September Autism All-Star!

Shane is an awesome young man. Funny, calm-spirited, and silly; he loves to have fun! As a 13-year-old, his hobbies and interests include bowling, basketball, and playing games on his iPad. After being diagnosed with autism at four, Shane and his mom, Wilma, life improved when they learned about Hope For Three. Shane progressed in all areas of his life!

Wilma is very proud of what her son has achieved because of the support Hope For Three provided. Shane has been able to thrive and continues to improve his learning skills. He has developed social skills, making new friends, and is more confident in social situations.

Wilma would like readers to know that Shane has been a huge blessing to her family, and all he wants in life is to be treated like other kids and to feel like he is a part of something. Shane is the epitome of what it means to be an Autism All-Star; caring, funny, and intelligent are only some of the beautiful qualities that make him an Autism All-Star! Congratulations!

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