Sisterly Advice

 3 Tips for Living with a Sibling with Autism

High School Freshmen, Leah Sterling, has grown up with an older brother who is on the autism spectrum. Leah offers some sisterly advice and tips on living with a sibling with autism

1. Be vigilant

It’s always important to be aware of how your siblings reacts in public around different people, what they like and dislike when you’re at home, how they like to be interacted with, how to interact with them, etc. KNOW your brother or sister.

Always make sure to keep an eye on your brother or sister because, besides your parents, who else is going to? Look out for them whether you are at home or out in public.

Keep an eye out for well, EVERYTHING!

2. Be Patient

Your sibling is going to do things that might get on your nerves or that you might not completely understand but it’s so crucial to be patient with them. Though we truly cannot peek inside their minds, or anyone else’s for that matter, we do need to do our best to try and understand and nurture them according to their needs. Although this can be very frustrating and hard to do….but the best things we can do for them, and ourselves, is to be patient and compassionate.

3. Try and become one of their best friends

Being their sibling is important but also being someone they can hang out with and play around with, their friend, is very important as well. Play around with them, laugh with them, joke with them.- It keeps that bond there and gives them someone to trust and find stability in. You are one of the only people that get to be in close interaction with your sibling so have fun with them! Also it makes life a lot more fun and stress free for you, as the sibling, when you’re able to get along with them, and see what makes them special.