Top Virtual Activities for Children with Autism

Are you looking for virtual activities or online learning opportunities for your child? At Hope For Three, we know how challenging it can be to find engaging and suitable online activities for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD or autism). 

The last 12 months have been difficult for everyone, particularly for children with ASD. That is why we have put together our top virtual activities that you can take part in at home! There are countless online learning activities and sessions to utilize, but here are a few of our favorites: 


If you are looking for online learning activities to help your child over the coming months, there is a wide variety to choose from. 123 Homeschooling is a fantastic resource for parents of children with ASD and is packed with fun, free printable worksheets. BrainPOP is another excellent resource and caters to grades K-12, offering animated movies, quizzes, and virtual materials across every core subject.

Arts and Crafts
If your child loves to get creative, then there are fantastic virtual arts and craft providers. One of the most popular is Khan Academy, which partnered with Walt Disney Imagineering and encourages  children to design their own theme park!

Get Active

If your child is bursting with energy, then Go Noodle offers great ASD-friendly activities. Each month, they curate unique events and activities designed to promote physical wellness alongside emotional and social development.

Travel the world… and beyond!

The global pandemic has forced many museums and cultural outlets to find ways to reach their audiences. The American Museum of Natural History regularly offers fun online games and activities, while if your child loves space, NASA will let them explore the surface of Mars!

There are many fun activities for families living with ASD. Hope for Three’s mission is to provide support and awareness for families. If you would like to find out more about our activities, get in touch with us today.