Tyler Kinser

Hope For Three is so proud of our July Autism All-Star, Tyler Kinser! Tyler is a 22 year-old Avondale House graduate! After 9 years, Tyler was presented with his high school diploma in May of 2022. Tyler’s diploma a symbol of the hard work, dedication, and patience required of him.

Noticing Tyler’s differences after 17 months of life, Tyler was officially diagnosed with autism at age three and a half. Since then, Tyler has worked extremely hard every day to complete tasks that may seem “simple” or “easy” to others. The hard work involved in learning social queues, daily living skills, and academics did not callus Tyler’s soul. Tyler’s mom regards him as a “kind soul” and, more often than not, he “engages with others”. The smile on Tyler’s face is representative of the gentle young man he is, constantly seeking out new connections and social events. One of his favorite social events to attend are the ones with his family, as family is very important to him. Tyler’s sociability disproves the stigma of those diagnosed with autism not craving social connection. Those with autism are not anti-social, they just simply need directions on how to navigate various social situations. Just as someone who is struggling in a math course may need extra instruction to grasp a concept.

Like his neurodivergent and neurotypical peers, the road to Tyler’s graduation was long, winding, and full of hills. Tyler’s adventure consisted of navigating and learning about daily life, sociability, and academics. Tyler’s biological family, Avondale House family, and Hope For Three family could not be more proud of the man Tyler has become. Currently, Tyler is attending True Knights Academy for adult day-hab, or day habituation, services. In doing so Tyler will continue to learn functional, independent living, and/or vocational skills to carry with him throughout his life on his road to acquiring more independence.