Zayne Thomas

Zayne Thomas was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. Now three, he continues to be an incredibly joyful child. His infectious laughter and boundless energy bring light to everyone around him. He currently attends Fast Track ABA in Rosenberg, Texas. Zayne’s jumping enthusiasm is unmatched – he’s like the energizer bunny! When he’s not jumping, he enjoys watching Aunt Rachel, Songs for Littles, and Danny Go. Zayne’s greatest strengths lie in his ability to brighten your day, his love for jumping and laughter, and his unwavering determination.


As a shining example of an Autism All-Star, Zayne exhibits a remarkable drive to navigate the world uniquely. One of his mom’s favorite memories is when he recently said “Jesus” while they were listening to worship music. Zayne continues to inspire those around him each day. His resilience and zest for life make Zayne a magnificent May Autism All-Star!