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The Guerrero Family

Hope For Three has been a beacon of light for my family. I am grateful for an organization that accepts my children for them and does not see their disability but their ability.

The organization provides many services such as respite, education, financial aid, sibling and parent respite and much more. I would like to talk about respite for parents, sibling activities and activities for individuals affected with autism.

Hope For Three gives respite to parents who have a child with autism. I truly appreciate the respite because in my world there is never a down time and I enjoy these days because I know my children are safe and simply love Hope For Three.

Hope For Three has given my daughter an outlet to be a young girl during Sibling Session Days and she does not have to worry about being a big sister and look out for her little brother. My daughter truly enjoys her time with the “buddies.” She feels unique and wonderful because this is her time to socialize and be her silly wonderful amazing self.

Hope For Three has many safe activities for the children where they are accepted and accommodating. Their volunteers truly embrace and love on all the children. And my children; as all the children, have built a close relationship with the volunteers and with the staff.

It also feels amazing to be greeted by name with hugs. Just like family!

Hope For Three does so much for this community and I know myself as other parents are very grateful. This is a great organization to get involved in as a parent, child, community supporter, business, and school. You will not be disappointed but be beyond blessed, and pleased Mrs. Darla, the administration, plus the volunteers absolutely are amazing.