Take Me Home

The program operates by creating a database of individuals with special needs who live in the jurisdiction of a participating law enforcement agency. The database includes information such as a photograph, physical description, emergency contact information, and any specific behavioral or medical conditions that may help locate the individual. If the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office encounters an individual who cannot communicate or provide identification, officers can access the TMH database to obtain information to help them identify and locate their family or caregivers.



The TMH program has been implemented in various states and jurisdictions throughout the United States and has successfully connected lost individuals with their families and caregivers. The program has been credited with reducing the time it takes to locate lost individuals, which can be critical in situations where the individual’s health and safety may be at risk.

Overall, the TMH program is a valuable resource. It provides an extra layer of support and protection for those who may have difficulty communicating or remembering information and can help ensure their safe return if they become lost or disoriented.


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The Importance of the Program