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The Trinh Family

(2013) I am a mother of a 15 year old autistic boy. He is very low-functioning and I have been seeking help from many doctors and centers for my son in Vietnam, for so many years but still in vain because Vietnam is lacking centers for autistic children. With all my efforts, I have been continuing to seek further help overseas, looking for doctors and centers in Thailand and Malaysia but still not able to improve much of my son’s condition.

We sold every single thing we had in Vietnam and brought our family here with the hope of seeking for help to better my son’s life in any way. We have arrived here since 2 years. Our family (my husband, I and my two sons) do not have income and currently live on our limited savings. We do not have any kind of insurance.

Please help our son to improve his life condition. We have gone through so many difficulties in our life in Vietnam to come all over here for the sake of our son.

UPDATE: We just received Khoi’s glasses today. We are so happy. After one year without his glasses, now he can see better. And more special is that his first sight with his glasses on is the love from Hope For Three in his new country. Thank you so much for your love and care to Khoi and our family.