Cecilia (Cece) Voytek

Meet Cece Voytek, Hope For Three’s February Autism All-Star!
Cece, who will turn 12 this month, is a healthy, happy girl living with her doting granny, Jerre. At three years old, when she aged out of Early Childhood Intervention, Cece was officially diagnosed with autism and ID at TCH Meyer Center. Now, she attends sixth grade at Baines Middle School.

Cece is a highly active girl who likes to learn new things, such as kayaking and archery. She has loved music since she was a toddler, and although CeCe has a speech impairment, she is a now member of the school’s choir and attends a monthly music class at Missouri City’s recreation center.


Cece’s favorite “lovie,” is Marshall, a plushie that has been her constant companion for a long time and will soon need to retire!
When Cece is not in school, you can find her playing on the swings, having a fun time at We Rock The Spectrum gym, going to the Goodwill store, or find her filming videos on her cell phone.

Cece is a loving, friendly girl who despite the losses in her life is happy and enjoys trying to do new things. CeCe’s diagnosis has not stopped her from doing the things she loves. Her sweet and happy personality, along with her determination, are what make her an Autism All-Star! Happy Birthday, CeCe!