Cynthia Jackson

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our May Autism Superhero, Cynthia Jackson!

Cynthia is a mother, artist, and advocate who believes that kindness has the power to change someone’s day instantly.

Cynthia’s journey started when her son Dash, age 8, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and autism. She would do ink drawing while waiting for her son during his therapies. This artwork started Dash Blossoms, a business that offers digital design, ink drawing, paper goods, stickers, and large-scale murals. Through Dash Blossoms, Cynthia shares her art and spreads kindness.

Dash’s twin sister, Tiffany, was diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome after Cynthia started her business. As part of the special needs community, Cynthia saw the need for community, and she started a Special Moms Meet-Up Group that gathers on the third Thursday of every month at Humble Grounds Coffeehouse in Fulshear. You can join for fellowship, fun, and coffee; here, you can encourage each other, laugh, and share resources.

Cynthia also hosts a Disability Awareness event every year with Humble Grounds Coffeeshop to share resources and raise funds for local nonprofits helping local families.

Cynthia’s love to spread kindness and awareness is what makes her a true Autism Superhero! Congratulations!

Do you know an individual, parent, or caregiver that deserves to be recognized for their efforts, entrepreneurship, or advocacy in the autism community? A special someone who possesses a special Superpower!

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