Kim Hahn

Hope For Three is honored to announce our October Autism Superhero, Kim Hahn!

Kim, married to her husband, Darrell, is a dedicated mother of two girls, Allison, a senior at Texas A & M, majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and Jillian, age 18, a freshman in college.

Jillian was diagnosed with autism at age eight. The autism diagnosis sent a fierce warrior mom and determined self-advocate into a tailspin. Working feverishly alongside the school systems, therapists, and more,

Jillian, with her mom beside her every step of the way, experienced every therapy under the sun! Kim now sees the fruits of her labor of love as Jillian graduated from high school in May 2022 and even participated in the Commencement Ceremony, a huge accomplishment for her daughter.

Throughout the years, Kim developed a keen perception of clues around her to predict any situation and be prepared to lay out a path to manage it and always be a step ahead. When frustrating, challenging times were upon the family, Kim always remembered, “We are all she has.” This very reason kept this strong-minded, strong-willed, unshakable mother preserving and never allowing herself to stop advocating for her child.

Kim’s love, self-determination, persistence, and dedication earned her the title of Hope For Three’s September Autism Superhero! Congratulations.

Darrell & Kim Hahn

Current 2022-2023 Texas A & M Senior

Allison, 2019 BF Terry High School Valedictorian

  Jillian, May 2022 high school graduation.

Current 2022-2023 College freshman thriving with autism


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