Rhett Smith

November Autism All-Star

 Meet Rhett Smith, Hope For Three’s November Autism All-Star. Rhett is an energetic eight-year-old who was diagnosed with autism and apraxia at the age of two and a half years old. He has been in Advanced Behavioral Analysis and Speech Therapy ever since his diagnosis. While saying a single word of sound is challenging for Rhett, he has been dedicated to learning to communicate using his tablet and American Sign Language. He has also learned to dress himself and is fully potty trained. All these milestones are huge accomplishments for Rhett!

              When Rhett is not working hard at mastering new skills and improving his communications, he loves to ride roller coasters, swinging, splashing in the pool, blowing bubbles, and candles. Rhett enjoys music by Post Malone, Disney Songs, and the theme song from the Friends T.V. sitcom. 

  Rhett learns well by observing others do things and is able to quickly pick up on how things should be done. For example, he will pull out all the ingredients for something he wants to eat such as oil, spices, and food. He is a great eater who enjoys trying new foods. Some of his favorite foods include Pho, beef tacos, popcorn, and of course candy!

Rhett possesses great strength, resilience, and dedication. He continually works hard at improving his communication and life skills while also having an adventurous side allowing him to enjoy life to the fullest. His ability to persevere and excel are what makes him a true all-star.