Ricky Padilla

Meet Ricky Padilla, Hope For Three’s May Autism All-Star! 

At three years old, Ricky was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Now at age four, Ricky has started talking a little more, thanks to Speech therapy. He has built the confidence to repeat anything you ask him to help him with his Speech.  


Ricky loves chocolate milk, the movie Coco, and playing Super Mario Bros. with his older brother, Andy, age 6. Ricky is an introvert who prefers to stay at home, enjoys running fast, and loves story time before going to bed at night. 


Ricky is very friendly and can make friends anywhere he goes. At MedCare Pediatrics, Ricky receives Speech, Occupational, Physical, and ABA therapies, which have improved his speech and boosted his confidence. With the noted progress, Ricky’s parents are confident that he will start saying “mom” and “dad” very soon. 

Ricky’s smile that can light up a room, his charisma, and his loving sweet nature are what make Ricky an Autism All-Star. Congratulations! 


Do you know a child diagnosed with autism that has grown meaningfully or gone above the stigma society has placed upon them? Some may call them an All-Star!

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