Tanner Schultz

We are excited to announce and introduce Hope For Three’s October Autism All-Star, twelve-year-old Tanner Schultz! Tanner is a fifth grader at Frost Elementary and has a deep love and knowledge for football; just like his eldest brother. Tanner also loves video games and is very tactical with his gameplay. Currently, his favorite game is Skylanders.

At the age of six and towards the end of kindergarten, Tanner was diagnosed with autism. It took time and patience to find the right doctor, and medication that worked for him in helping with his attention and behavior at school and home. Everyday Tanner is helpful, caring, and full of love; making his family laugh on hard days is his personal staple. Tanner is a motivator, reminding his family daily to never ever give up.

From childhood, Tanner has always loved Mickey as most of us do! This tenacious pre-teen has a dream to go to Disneyland one day! He hopes to meet the man, the myth, the legend, Mickey Mouse!

Tanner’s mom advises other autism parents and caregivers, “To never give up finding the right doctor. The right doctor, therapy, and or medication is out there; never settle for a treatment that does not align with what you know your child needs and deserves.”