Daphne, The Little Mermaid

We are immeasurably thankful for the people at Hope For Three, and are walking proof of all their work to help families with children with ASD. Our little girl Daphne was diagnosed with autism shortly after her second birthday, and she has struggled to meet her development milestones, most specifically her speech. We are a water-loving family, and so we felt it was important that she at least be capable of survival swimming (since she cannot call for help), so we enrolled her in adaptive swim classes at Texas Swim Academy. Turns out she inherited her parents’ love for the water, and she took to floating, splashing and playing in the pool almost immediately. It helps that she adores her swim instructor, Gabby, there too.

However, not long after we enrolled her, I lost my job. As a result, our family has had to make some very difficult financial decisions and her swim classes were one of the areas that we struggled with how to afford. That is, until we were referred to the Hope For Three website. We applied for assistance and almost immediately Daphne was awarded a scholarship from KNOW Autism that allowed us to continue her swim classes through the year.

You have no idea how much this help has meant to my family. Seeing our daughter laugh and play in the water twice a week never fails to buoy our spirits in otherwise very trying times, and we are forever grateful to everyone at Hope For Three for helping to make our little girl so happy. Thank you all so very much for what you do.


Daphne, Jennifer and Jeremiah Shaw