Toby Ibrahim

Meet Toby Ibrahim, Hope For Three’s March Autism All-Star!
At age four, Toby was diagnosed with autism. Now at age eight, Toby is improving his language and social skills to connect with his older brother Maxwell and other children.

Toby and Maxwell enjoy riding their scooters together; he also loves the trampoline, park and church. It took Toby a year to get his balance, but through patience and perseverance, he learned to ride a scooter! These days, you can see him racing down the small hill at Sugar Creek Park!


“Toby is super kind and compassionate, he goes out of his way to offer comfort or hug other children around him if he notices they are sad or crying,” says his mom, Tinuade. His positive attitude and resiliency motivate his family, especially his mother, who is immensely proud of Toby’s kindness and bravery.

Toby’s big smile, his perseverance, and his willingness to work hard and not give up, are what make Toby an Autism All-Star.